Sunday, February 17, 2013

Well, it's been a long time! Much water has passed under the bridge since the last time I made a post on this blog. I apologize to the one follower I had, I fear they may have dropped me from their list of blogs to follow. They probably think I have fallen ill, perhaps stricken with dementia, Alzheimer or some other dread disease that robs us of our life as we know it. But alas, none of the above. Since I last wrote many things have changed in my life. I have made many, many decisions, taken many different actions that have had both profound and little effect on my life. In fact you would not recognize my life if you could compare today to a few years ago. No I have not spent the last few years wiling away the time in some State Penal Institution. No I have not lost my way in the wilderness, wandering aimlessly trying to get in touch with my inner self!
My residence, place of employment, monetary status, political views and or philosophy about the same have:
A. Changed
B. Remained the same
C. Intensified
D. None of the above
E. Two or more of the above
F. All except D
G. Only D and or F
I love multiple choice. It gives you that feeling of complete helplessness and at the same time you actually think the answer is there somewhere.
I guess it is time to be purposeful in writing and stop rambling aimlessly.
Since last I wrote I live in another part of the state, work for another employer, have attended my first real political rally and been grossly disappointed in the Republican Party. In 2008 McCain had no chance to beat an opponent that had no business running for president, chose Sara Palin, possibly the best looking woman to ever run for such a high political office, and set about mimicking the liberal position just well enough to lose in a landslide! The only good thing to come out of 2008 is the TEA party. Unfortunately the Republicans disappoint with a candidate that could not relay his message to the masses. Impeccably qualified, incredibly honest and the freshest breath of fresh air to the conservative base since Ronald Reagan, Romney took the gas, choked at the finish line when the race was within reach. Now we live in fear of the next four years and what Socialist agenda will be successfully pushed down our throats. Okay, so my political views have not changed! The next election cycle could see me voting other than Republican though.
The last time I posted I had not a firearm of any kind. Today I have what I consider to be sufficient for my needs unless things really take a plunge. At one time I wrote about taking classes at San Jacinto College that interested me and how much I enjoyed it. Of course I am no longer within driving distance of SJC but I have continued to take classes that interest me. I have obtained a concealed handgun license, and instructors certification for conceal carry classes, NRA certification as an instructor, certification as a consultant for "Center for Teacher Effectiveness, my Texas Real Estate license and increased the total number of grandchildren to five!
And, by the way, partnered with a good friend to start our own business that we hope is not crushed in the Obama economy. That is a story for another day.......