Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Up and Running!

Star Date: 2009238
Mission Date: 09/10/02

We have almost broken free of the gravity that holds us back, close to the Summer Star System. A huge thrust of the boosters pushes us away from ground zero. The payload lay silent, unaware of the changes taking place all around. Added thrust jettisons the mother-load into the , as yet unexplored, next great frontier.
Barreling through unfamiliar space, barely conscious of the velocity at which they hurdle through time, this payload shifts first one way and then the other. Characteristic of the proverbial "sleeping giant", this change causes a slight awakening as well as disorientation. Fighting consciousness, with a desire to remain deeply implanted in the Summer Star System, our participants, as on many missions before, are experiencing shock, mild discomfort and in some instances trauma as SMI Flight 2009/2010 has begun the long journey into Spring.
August 26, 2009, as reflected on Earth's calendar, places us exactly two days into the mission. The launch was nearly flawless. The crew, to this point, has performed up to the standards set during previous missions. The preparation of this flights payload is just beginning. Once fully conscious, these participants will initiate effort by the crew to instill the work ethic and motivation needed to achieve what no previous mission has.
There is a sense of quiet desperation demanding every crew member from Star Fleet Commander to deck hand to push with every fiber of their being toward the success of this mission, a daunting responsibility.
The future of our galaxy, as we know it, is at stake. The mind and hands to whom we commit our very existence must be sculpted to be successful. Their character has yet to experience the refiners fire. The mission pushes on aware that some may be lost but not accepting a predetermined outcome less than complete success. Time, persistence and the ability to persevere are necessities for all of our crew. When our destination is reached, success of this missions performance will be judged or assessed as others have been.
For now we begin the journey and "The Force" is with us.

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