Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today is my youngest daughters birthday. She is a grown up wife, mommy of three, a college graduate, a return missionary and a very talented writer. As I look back over the last twelve years, I can't help but miss the mornings when I would wake her with a verse of "You Are My Sunshine". I have never been able to sing, probably the only person in our church choir who, when I told our director that I could no longer participate, received a warm smile and an affirming headnod. Yet this angel of a daughter endured my off tune yaking attempt to sing every morning for 18 years and always awoke with a smile. There is no wonder she was anxious to leave for college and insisted on going to Idaho!
Today as I watch her with her babies I know a part of my life is gone. I will never again wake her with my horrible rendition of one of the most uplifting songs ever penned. As she carried the youngest on her hip, teasing her with little kisses, my mind was drawn back to the first summer. I was a young school teacher/coach and I was off from work. I spent everyday with her in my arms, I doubt her feet touched the floor the first two months of her life. Later, each afternoon as soon as work was done, I would head home to be with my little family.
I know that some day this will all repeat itself as she too will experience a bitter-sweet part of life. You have to let them go. I mean you can't keep them as children forever. Or can you? It really does not matter how old she gets or how many of her own children she has, she will always be my "Sunshine".

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  1. I loved having you wake me up each morning with that song. I love you.