Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today was a trip back in time!

Today my wife (Mary) and I had the opportunity to entertain our 4 year old grand daughter and our 3 year old grand son. Our daughter attended an event held for a friend and took the 1 year old grand daughter with her.
For me this was as terrifying as it was fun! I just did not know what would happen when the "mommy" would not be available. Now I know. They were great. We took them to the local mall because they both like "Arbys". There is an Arbys restaurant in the mall and mercifully there are other choices for g-ma and me. They both ate well and Mary and I were able to eat as well.
Following the meal were journeyed across the freeway to the movie "Ice Age, Rise of the Dinosaurs". Believing that this would be a huge treat we eagerly walked in and took our seats, popcorn and lemonade in hand. Everyone was enjoying the previews of movies to come, including the remake of "A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carey; A new Alvin and the Chipmunks show; and finally a new Disney 3-D animation "Partly Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs". Both of the g-kids were in great spirits following these delightful previews. As the feature was about to begin we were prompted to put on our 3-D glasses to enjoy the full effect of the feature. This was quickly done and as the movie began both giggled with delight as they tried in vain to grab the images in front of their faces. Consuming treats and laughing all was going great.
Enter the dinosaur (T-Rex). Now we each had an additional body on top of our own. Slightly audible whimpers of "Is it over?" were repeated with regularity.
Well, the movie is titled "Rise of the Dinosaurs"! I thought maybe it would be along the line of "Land Before Time". No! We have flesh eating raptors, pterodactyls, T-Rex, etc. These were
even more exciting as they seemed to jump right off the screen at you. Covering their eyes, looking away, or removing the glasses altogether the rest of the movie was a great bonding experience!
Once the movie was over and the nice furry mammals were back where they belonged everyone agreed they had had a good time!
Actually movie or not, the chance to spend time with our precious grand children made this Saturday afternoon very special for g-ma and g-pa.

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